Ambulance Swap in progress

Aafke with her twinsister
News from Sierra Leone/Pendembu:
Last month Twinsister Aafke visited Sierra Leone and the Pendembu area. She talked with Sister Antonia, and Mr. Abdul about the financial part and the progress of our project.
To bring those big white Ambulances to Pendembu Sierra Leone over land was a huge challenge. But now, to keep them rolling there, keep them working, keep them doing what they supposed to do: Bringing mothers in labour, or little childeren to a Hospital when needed... it looks like that part of the project is an even bigger challenge.
Our two beautiful Ambulances have some difficulty's to drive during the heavy raining season. The roads ar so muddy and with holes and gaps. It makes driving impossible for a big amount of months.
So the Pendembu-Ambulance-ProjectGroup talked about the possibility to SWAP those Ambu's against a steady bigwheeled  'All Terrain'-version.

Happy mothers with their beautiful little baby's
News in Holland: 
Twinsister Jacky received a nice amount of money from a churchbenefit. We are extremely thankfull for this gift. Money is needed for the continuing of the project. Supply and maintenance, gasoil and the driver and the fact that a Ambulance must be ready to go at any time.
Sometimes it seemes that taking care of the continuing of the project is so difficult because of the distance, the poor internetconnections, and lac of communication, but to help, especially in this project is realy what we want to do, we:
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