Kick Ebola Out!

Sometimes you send a card for support. Dutch midwives of the Sierra Leone TwinsisterProject made a original LipDub to encourage there Sisters in Freetown Sierra Leone and Pendembu!



Via FACEBOOK kwam deze link langs. Over 'ONS' kliniekje in Pendembu. Natuurlijk hebben wij ook direct hulp geboden. EN zoals jullie kunnen lezen, is het gelukt en kan de kliniek sowieso weer twee maanden vooruit!

Onze doelstelling was voor 31 Oktober voldoende geld binnen te halen om deze kliniek in Pendembu in Sierra Leone open te houden. Binnen twee dagen hadden we het volledige bedrag opgehaald. Dit project is uitgevoerd. Voor dit project kan niet meer gedoneerd worden. Momenteel zijn we bezig fondsen binnen te halen voor de Ebola wezen!
We hielpen deze kliniek in Pendembu beschermende kleding en ontsmettigsmiddelen te kopen, zodat de kliniek open kan blijven. De kliniek biedt reguliere gezondheidszorg en heeft een verloskundigenpraktijk. Door het gevaar van ebolabesmettingen, moest het ziekenhuis misschien dicht. Met jullie donaties kunnen ze nu voldoende beschermende maatregelen nemen. De kliniek kan ongeveer twee maanden vooruit. Als de epidemie dan nog niet opgelost is, zullen we wellicht een nieuwe actie voor deze kliniek starten.
De zuster legt uit waarom ze onze hulp nodig had: LINK NAAR FILMPJE

A message from The PENDEMBU Clinic

Today we received foto's and a mail from Sister Antonia.We 'Sisters from Pendembu' are happy to share al nice story's and foto's. ENJOY
Dear Jackie,
Greetings of love and peace. Once again thanks for your tekst-message and thanks too for the reimboursment youre foundation sent. l hope you are doing great likewise everyone in the family, please give them my warm greetings. Say hello to all the midwives especially Franka, Aafke, Marianne, Marleen, and all of them.
l have again attached a few pictures for you. l pray you can open them. Because there you can see the PENDEMBU Clinic-building how is it now a day's.

Two pregnant mothers with myself and the nurse a set of twins lying in 'JACKIE'S WARD' ( Yes we named that ward after you Jacqueline!) the postnatal ward.

Sister Ruth, nurse, Sister Anthonia with the mother of the twins and the TBA.(Traditional Birth Attender)
Then check up and palpation of a pregnant woman in the consulting room.

l look forward to receiving the things for the baby's.
l just had a delivery this afternoon. And that is bringing the total number of births since the reopening in January to twentyfour babies that we have delivered.
For the refferal, and using the Ambulance we made three rits in January.
1/Mrs L. [first pregnancy] severe hypertention in pregnancy. Sectio Cesarean-operation done, and both, mum and child are doing fine.
2/Mrs H. [second pregnancy] ante partum haemorhage, was admitted and bleeding controlled. 3/Mrs M. [sixt pregnancy] Cord prolapse had Sectio Cesarean-operation done and both are ok.
Thank you for everything, Bless you all.
Sister Anthonia

Ambulance Swap in progress

Aafke with her twinsister
News from Sierra Leone/Pendembu:
Last month Twinsister Aafke visited Sierra Leone and the Pendembu area. She talked with Sister Antonia, and Mr. Abdul about the financial part and the progress of our project.
To bring those big white Ambulances to Pendembu Sierra Leone over land was a huge challenge. But now, to keep them rolling there, keep them working, keep them doing what they supposed to do: Bringing mothers in labour, or little childeren to a Hospital when needed... it looks like that part of the project is an even bigger challenge.
Our two beautiful Ambulances have some difficulty's to drive during the heavy raining season. The roads ar so muddy and with holes and gaps. It makes driving impossible for a big amount of months.
So the Pendembu-Ambulance-ProjectGroup talked about the possibility to SWAP those Ambu's against a steady bigwheeled  'All Terrain'-version.

Happy mothers with their beautiful little baby's
News in Holland: 
Twinsister Jacky received a nice amount of money from a churchbenefit. We are extremely thankfull for this gift. Money is needed for the continuing of the project. Supply and maintenance, gasoil and the driver and the fact that a Ambulance must be ready to go at any time.
Sometimes it seemes that taking care of the continuing of the project is so difficult because of the distance, the poor internetconnections, and lac of communication, but to help, especially in this project is realy what we want to do, we:
Midwives for Mothers
To help newborns and mothers with a healthy start in this world!
Support us, to support the Pendembu Ambulance.
How Beautiful life can be!

Teamwork will get you there!

The PendembuAmbulanceProject is growing and growing.
With te help of the twinsisters in Sierra Leone, Dorothy, Margareth, Edna and the special help form expert Betty Sam for all the paperwork.

With de Dutch midwives Jackie, Marleen, Aafke and Marianne for the fundraising.

With the cooperation of several important persons in the district Pendembu.

All work is done to make it possible to help woman-in-labour to get a bit safer and faster to the hospital when needed.

This all MUST be done, because, we -twinsisters and midwife-collegues from Midwives4Mothers- work together at Millenium Goal nr5: IMPROVE MATERNAL HEALTH!

Twinsister Jackie went again to Sierra Leone, to supervise the project in person,there was a great suprise for her. She became a respected special guest of the region. Some nice pictures you can see if you scroll down.

In the meanwhile in Sierra Leone

Twinsisters from the PENDEMBU-AMBULANCEproject at work. We start in Holland:
A Dutch home birth on a farm, a big farmersson was born in the early sunday morning. A nice donation was spontaniously given, when Marianne explaned about the project in Sierra Leone. In the meanwhile, Twinsister Jackie went to Pendembu to meet Sr Dorothy and see the Ambulances.
In this picture you see, that Twinsister Jackie became a official resident of Upper Bamara in district Pendembu, her new original SierraLeonese name is Babanya.
The transport looks very comfortable:)
What a beautiful baby.
How coulorful this picture. A whole group of young mothers to be, with Twinsister Sr Dorothy at te side, and take a closer look, becouse in the back you 'l see our Happy Babanya and her daughter both smiling towards the camera.